Sydney Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein's Story

Sydney Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein's Story, Marriage Celebrant Sydney, Wedding Celebrant Sydney

In this page I will introduce myself to you and give you a glimpse into my incredible career, as a Public Speaker, a Radio Personality,  Journalist and a Sydney marriage celebrant.

I am an Executive Producer & Senior Broadcaster/Journalist at SBS Radio, Australia, with MBA in media, from Macquarie University Sydney. I have been producing and broadcasting radio shows, including documentaries, interviews, news bulletins and current affairs segments, since 1988. In 1995 I was appointed by the Australian Government, as an authorized "Civil Marriage Celebrant" and up to date I officiated hundreds of weddings around Australia.

I am happily married to Arthur since 1976 and we are blessed with three children: Lindy who is married to Jake, Eric who is married to Sasha and Robin who is married to Panita.

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My Academic Qualifications:
  • MBA (1993) Macquarie University Sydney
  • MA Masters of Arts, History & Literature (1977) University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) Johannesburg, South Africa
  • BA Bachelor of Arts (1975)
  • Journalism, writing, diction, speech & voice training qualifications:
  • AFTRS, Australian Film Television & Radio School (1989, 1994)
  • SBS (2002 ,2007, 2009) Voice training 2010, 2012
  • Public speaking (SBS 2010)

Celebrant Training: 

The Australian Center for Ceremonies and Australian Celebrations Training Pty Ltd. Ongoing professional development every year with more than 15 certificates up to 2011. To name just a few:

  • Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants
  • Compliance with the Marriage Act & All legal requirements
  • The importance of rituals and ceremonies
  • Copyrights and effective use of music & literature in ceremonies
  • Ritual within marriage ceremonies
  • Interfaith weddings
  • Design a marriage ceremony
  • Bespoke marriage ceremonies
  • Marketing and many other courses related to professional celebrants
Why am I a celebrant?

Radio is my biggest passion, but my listeners would be amazed to know that I also have a romantic profession, officiating weddings. It gives my life a wonderful balance, optimism and a different perspective. Imagine, after spending all day in the newsroom, dealing with the dark side of life, conflict, terrorism, war, hate, despair and all sorts of disasters, I am fortunate to participate in a wedding which I regard as the real celebration of life  as it is full of love, hope, happiness and personal Commitment. It is so rewarding... Here I am, being part and contributing to celebration of life and love.

Being a Journalist and interacting with people constantly, having conducted hundreds of Radio Interviews with incredible, influential people, politicians, PM’s, Nobel Prize winners, professors, authors, musicians and experts in most fields (see SBS website) it is natural and interesting for me to be involved in weddings.

Every wedding is different, and every couple is very special to me and I have so many stories to tell... I feel the anticipation, I see the groom looking lovingly at his bride and her adoring gazes, when they exchange vows. The love, the smile, tenderness, happiness, excitement, the expectations in their eyes, still melts my heart. I observe the dynamics of the two families. Some in-laws are not so “over the moon”…

I can see the “jealous” bridesmaids fussing over the bride and I observe the wedding guests inspecting the latest fashion, shoes or hairstyles... Every bride is beautiful. Some look as if they came out of a “Fairy Tale” and some with simpler elegant dresses and even bare foot. I realized long ago that love works in very mysterious ways and there is no secret formula to what makes people fall in love with each other.

I have officiated weddings  anywhere you can imagine;

On boats, in pubs, parks, vineyards, beaches, remote bush, on top of cliffs overlooking the sea and in the smartest hotels. Where? Literally, all around  Australia and also far away, In Bali and in Mumbai, India.(See my Indian wedding story on my “Media mention” link)

Please note that my weddings outside Australia were commitment ceremonies only...  Australian celebrants are authorized to perform legal weddings, only in Australia...
 I still clearly remember the full moon midnight wedding ceremony. It felt like magic. The moon, the stars, the enchanting garden, lit by torches and the most beautiful bare foot bride... the universe participated in our ceremony.

I have officiated so many weddings, since 1995, but each couple and wedding is still very special for me. Some could not believe that I remembered details from their wedding 20 years later…

As a celebrant I feel that I contribute back to my beloved country Australia and its people, who embraced me with open arms, after immigrating here with my husband, from South Africa in 1977. I have been extremely privileged and honored to be able to contribute and participate in the most important occasion and milestone in the lives of so many people.

Sydney Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein is also SBS Radio Journalist

Please see photos, not just from weddings but from my professional life as a journalist and broadcaster.

Nitza Lowenstein Marriage Celebrant & Journalist Broadcaster at SBS Australia