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Testimonials, Thank-you letters & Recommendations
From Nitza's Happy Couples...
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Testimonials & Thank You letters (Unsolicited)
Over  the years, I have been honored and privileged to participate and  contribute to many weddings and have received countless "Thank You"  letters.
In order to protect the privacy of "my couples", I will  present a small example of these letters, stating the first names and  years only.As I value each and every couple, I do treasure and keep all the letters that I have received over the years!So you can be assured that I have the original letters, if required!
Please  note: I don't supply my couples with evaluation forms in order to  prompt feedback. Every single letter is genuine, unsolicited & unique!
Liza & Ben (Perth WA)
"Dear Nitza, Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the amazingly intimate, powerful and meaningful ceremony you  performed for our marriage, a ceremony that really surpassed our hopes  and expectations. We truly felt that something very special had occurred  and many people commented on how much they enjoyed your style.The  ceremony was a perfect blend of all that was important to us and we feel  truly blessed to have had your special touch. You were worth every cent  and you gave us the ceremony we never thought we could have. Thank you  from the bottom of our hearts for such a special wedding and for flying  all the way here to Perth (and back).Warmest regards, Liza & Ben"
Joan and Denzer March 2021
We thank you so much for making our day extravagantly special and also be there to celebrating with us and meet our friends and family. Thank you for the support, encouragement, love and laughter that you have contributed into our lives. Thanks you for your kindness and generosity. Our hearts are filled with so much joy and love, gratitude and lots of cherished moments. We love having you and we are forever grateful. With much love, Denzer and Joan.
Sasha & Paul (2012)
Wow-Nitza you were wonderful! We are so lucky to have been blessed with you as a celebrant. You were perfect, amazing, a phenomenal celebrant. Exactly the right atmosphere flavour, you created.A  beautiful ceremony and we don’t have the word to describe how grateful  we are. Thank you. Many warm regards, Paul and Sasha xxx
Yael and Yves (2011)
“I often wondered how we would incorporate both cultures into our wedding ceremony". Nitza,  you have such a gifted way in combining different traditions and  creating a warm and personal ceremony.Our photos say it all...we were smiling while our friends were crying...Thank you Nitza for making our day even more special. “
Hazel and Russel (2011)
Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence. You have truly enriched our happiness with your beautiful wedding ceremony, giving  us a lasting memory of achieving a truly magical wedding.Your presence  added much love and provided us with a beautiful ceremony that was  specifically personalized for us, with encouraging words of wisdom. We  are blessed for having you as our celebrant.
Rachel and Neill (2000)
Your presence brought the spirit of love and community we dreamt of and we felt so honored to have you”Thank you so much for your spirit of generosity and love"
Arielle and Karim (2004)
“Thank you Nitza, for all of your wisdom, words, charisma and warmth on our wedding day”…...
Erica and Rod (2003)
Good sex and good communication”… (We remember your advice…)So far, so good!  Thank you for giving us a beautiful wedding ceremony! Thank heavens  it’s on the video because our memories of it are less than perfect. It  must have been the excitement of the day. We really enjoyed it and so  did everyone who was there”…
Ram and Tamar (2010)
Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. It was without a doubt, absolutely perfect and you played a vital role in making it such a special day.
Also  thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful garden, especially for  the wedding ceremony & photos.We had many comments from our family  and friends of how beautiful the ceremony was. Your personal touch made  it extra special.Thank you so very much, for making the day so magical  and run so perfectly.  We really appreciate and have so much gratitude  for the whole ceremony.It would not have been possible without you. You were a blessing for our day. With love, Tamar & Ram and parents Sue & Ron
Ram and Tamar (A year later)
Hi  Nitza, Hope all is well. This time last year, you did us the honour of  marrying Ram and I in your lovely home. Just thought we would let you  know that we are 5 months pregnant. We are so excited. Thanks again for  making our day so memorable.
Naomi and David (1998)
“Thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so special. It was very meaningful and of course romantic and you just spoke wonderfully.  Many people commented on the ceremony itself and in particular about  you! We will have the pleasure recommending you to friends when they  decide to tie the knot”…
Lee and Cara (2010) from Judy, the mother of the bride
Thank  you so much for a wonderful ceremony. Our friends and family loved it.  Lee’s parents, who have had no previous familiarity with such a service,  found it most touching and significant. My mother said that it was the most beautiful service she has ever seen….that meant a lot! Thank you and all the best to you
Jacqueline and Nitya (1998)
"Thank  you so much for the wonderful ceremony and your time for waiting for  our guests to be ready. We enjoyed very much your company and the person  you are! We were lucky we found you"…
Ilana and Rob (1996)
“Nitza, we cannot imagine our wedding ceremony without you.Thank you so much”
Tania and Andrew (1997)
"Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so special! You made the ceremony very warm and full of meaning. It was exactly how we wanted it. We appreciate your effort in dressing so nicely too"…..
Sarah & Jaron (2009)
Thank you for making our ceremony so amazing….
Mandy and Mark (1997)
“Nitza,  Many thanks!  For your generous support, during the lead up to the  wedding.  An extra special big congratulation, on a brilliant ceremony.  We had so many wonderful responses from friends and family.”…..
Testimonials  &  Thank You letters for Sydeny Celebrant Nitza
Tom and Danielle (Melbourne 2011) Robyn, the mother of the bride
Hi  Nitza, Just a short note to say thank you so much for a most beautiful  ceremony for Danielle and Tom on Tuesday. I have received many phone  calls from guests saying it was the best "Jewish” civil ceremony they  have attended - tasteful, sensitive and inclusive for everyone. Thank  you so much again. Robyn Presser - Mother of the Bride
Tom and Danielle (Melbourne 2011)
Thank  you so much, for the most wonderful wedding ceremony. It meant so much  to us & all of our guests. We had so much feedback about how  meaningful & special the marriage ceremony was. Also, it was lovely  you could join us for a dance to help celebrate.
Chvey & David (2009) (Susie the mother of the bride)
Thank you so much, for everything. I have to tell you that many guests told me that it was the most beautiful and the best wedding ceremony they ever witnessed…Just perfect! I agree with them!
Chevey and David (2009)
Thank  you Nitza, so very much for your absolutely beautiful ceremony!  Everybody loved it, especially the "Happy Couple"! We were so happy that  you could attend the Reception
Sheba and Harvey (1997)
“This  is a very belated card to say thank you so much for making our wedding  day ever more special and wonderful that we could have imagined."….
Sandy and Chris (2002) the parents!
“We would like to thank you so very much for making Sandy and Chris’s wedding ceremony so special and meaningful.
Having  attended another wedding this last weekend, with another celebrant, we  realized even more, just how special you made our children’s ceremony,  never to be forgotten”……
Sandy and Chris (2002)
“Thank  you so much, for helping to make our wedding day so magical, special  and so memorable. We do so appreciate all the love and energy that you  put into the ceremony. Everyone is still saying how wonderful it was”…..
Sarit and Stuart (2000)
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done for us. Our wedding day was so special and you had a major role in making it so special"…..
Lisa and Connor (2006)
We're  back in London after a wonderful honeymoon through Asia. It's a little  trying but it's not long until we're on the move again back to Sydney  Thank you again for such a fantastic ceremony. We loved every  minute of it and got so much great feedback about the ceremony and you.  (As expected!)  In fact, people remembered particular phrases and ideas  from the ceremony. I don't think that's ever been the case from a  wedding I've been to. Thank you also for your beautiful gift,  which adds “Yiddish- kite” to our marital nest. We will use it a lot and  treasure it always.
Hana and Justin (2002)
On  behalf of Hana and myself, I would like to thank you so much for making  our wedding day so wonderful and special in every way”…We could not  have dreamed of a more wonderful ceremony. You have set a beautiful  precedent, to a wonderful relationship, that will never be forgotten”….
Sandy and David (2003)
Thank you! For your involvement, attendance, support, generosity and Good wishes, to make our wedding day such a fantastic success.”…..
Bianca and Petri (2003)
“Thank you for playing such an important part in our wedding celebrations.
It was an incredible day for us and we felt that ceremony you helped us create truly reflected who we are as a couple….All the best to you in your continued roll of uniting lovers”…..
Nikki and Michael (2001)
“Thank  you so much for being at our wedding. It was the nicest ceremony I have  ever been to, and I am not being biased. The words were so special  meaningful and traditional….We were also so glad that you could join us  for the dancing, where you took the “Horah” to a different level”…….
Testimonials  &  Thank You letters for Sydeny Celebrant Nitza
Dulcie and Nate (2004)
“I  would like to thank you most sincerely for arranging the civil ceremony  in such a meaningful way, that all those present, were moved by the  words and by the meeting of the two religions. Your commitment was so  obvious and your warmth was felt by all present.”……
Mark and Rachel (Perth 2010)
Thank  you for making the journey from Sydney to Perth, to share in our  wedding celebrations and for the beautiful gift. Thank you Nitza for  being such a wonderful celebrant, officiating our wedding and making the  day truly unforgettable. Lot of love.
Lyn, Mark’s Mother:
Thanked  you for making Mark and Rachel's wedding so special. The ceremony was  absolutely brilliant and all our guests enjoyed it and Rachel's family  and friends really loved all the Jewish parts. Mark and Rachel said the  wedding was above all their expectations
Cindy and Brendan (2007)
We  just wanted to say thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony  feel so special and intimate. It is a day we will remember for the rest  of our lives and both feel we would not have changed one thing! We can't  wait to recommend you to all our unmarried friends! Have a happy,  healthy New Year….Love Cindy and Brendan
Larry and Julie (2010)
Thank  you for all your support at our wedding and beautiful service. We have  received so many compliments from relatives and friends about how much  they enjoyed the service.
Jack and Rebekah (2009)
On  behalf of Rebekah and I, I wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful  ceremony yesterday. We felt that it was a very personal ceremony, with  great balance and a nice touch of Judaism. Our family and friends all  commented on how nice it was and we are truly grateful. We are glad that  you could stay on for lunch
Michael and Niki (2008)
Thank you for your wonderful ceremony. Michael and I were thrilled. It was fantastic
Rina and Shane 2008
I  am so sorry it has taken such a long time - it was all a bit hectic in  the day between the wedding and the honeymoon and we only just came back  –but I just had to let you know how much we appreciated what you did  for us! The ceremony was the best ceremony I have ever seen anywhere –if  I may say so myself –and I think I wasn't the only one who thought  that.
So many people have commented how much they enjoyed it. Shane's  grandmothers (who haven't got a single drop of Jewish blood in them -  at least as far as we are aware) said that this was what you would call,  “the real thing", And all our family and friends, both Jewish and  otherwise were absolutely in love with the whole thing. And for me it  was so important to have at least some Jewish elements in the ceremony,  but with you it was just perfect –I can't imagine it being better even  if I happened to marry a Jew and was wed by a Rabbi!
It really was  wonderful and you did a fantastic job, even in the face of the rain -  thank you so much for the quick thinking and moving it inside. I know it  might have been obvious, but if you hadn't said something to me, I  probably would have just carried on, which would not have been good for  us or the guests. In any case, a huge thank you again from all of us -  me, Shane and both families. You made our special day absolutely  brilliant. Would you mind giving me your postal address? I would like to  send you a few photos once our photographers are done. Hope you have  been well!
Rina and Shane (2008)
(Second  letter with photos)We cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for  what you did for us! You made our special day absolutely unforgettable,  not only for us, but for all of our family and friends. We can't imagine  a ceremony that would have suited us better than what you gave us.  Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us and making it!
Hazel and Tony (2009)
We  wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so rich, so  meaningful and so beautiful. It was all and more than we could have  wanted. We will remember it forever!
Ilana and Michael (2005)
We wanted to thank you so much for marrying us on January 16th….Your  service was just beautiful and people are still talking about it! We  greatly appreciate everything you did and will always remember not only  our wedding day, but you and your beautiful ceremony”…
Stephanie and David (2003)
Please  accept our sincere thanks for the wonderful ceremony that you performed  for our wedding in May. We have received many comments about how  beautiful, personal and meaningful the ceremony was and how much love  was felt during it. For this, we thank you. We had a magical day and  appreciate the time you spent with us, preparing for it.”……
Testimonials  & Thank You letters
Becky and Boaz (2001)
We  wanted to write you a small note to say a big thank you! Your ceremony  was beautiful, special and very sweet. From the moment you told us not  to look at you but to look in each other's eyes we knew it would be a  wonderful ceremony, and it shows in every photo! We also really  appreciate the fact that you took us into your busy schedule in such a  short space of time". …..
Priscilla and Oren (1998)
We  are sending you some photos from our wedding. All our guests enjoyed  the ceremony and told us that the ceremony was very unique and moving.  We want to thank you so much for creating such a fantastic ceremony that  helped our guests understand the different rituals and symbolism. It  proved that it is possible to combine the two cultures and  religions."…..
Zahava and Daniel (2002)
“Thank  you for a beautiful ceremony. I could not expect a better and more  meaningful ceremony. For me as a Jew, it was exciting and special to  hear the Kiddush and the seven blessings of a Jewish wedding on my  wedding day, in the civil ceremony. I would like to thank you for being  there every time I called you on the phone, for your good advice and  making me understand a little bit more about the Australian culture.  Thanks for your patience and gift. Stay gorgeous and the beautiful  person that you are! And I wish you to have many, many wonderful  ceremonies like we had”…..
Alida and Harley (Written after meeting me, before the wedding, February 1999)Thank  you very much for your time on Wednesday evening. It was very nice to  meet you and discuss the plans for our wedding ceremony. We were very  impressed with how well our meeting went and would like you to know how  much we appreciate your professionalism and generosity. As you know, in  our view, the wedding ceremony is the most important aspect of the  wedding.Consequently we have thought very seriously about what we hope  to create with the ceremony; warmth and intimacy, simplicity and  spirituality, joy and a celebration of the differences that Harley and I  are bringing together.
We are also aware that this is an ambitious  ideal and while we have always felt optimistic about attaining this  ideal, until we met with you, we felt a little apprehensive.Thank  you for your frankness and support. Since we left your house, we no  longer feel apprehension but rather are excited and confident that our  wedding will be everything that we hope for. We would be delighted if  you would do us the great service of officiating at our wedding Kind  regards, Harley and Alida”. (February 1999)
Alida and Harley (1999)(Written after the wedding .November 1999)
“We  have returned from our honeymoon with wonderful memories of our  beautiful wedding. Thank you for taking the time and care to make the  day so special! We are still being complimented on your beautiful  ceremony”…….
Jerry and Michael (2004)
“Michael  and I wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help with the  wedding. You did a fantastic job and without you we would not have had  the wedding format, we so wanted. So many of our friends commented on  how original and personal the ceremony was. So we really appreciate your  help”…..
James and Keren (2000)
This  letter is to say thank you very much for your services in officiating  at Keren and my wedding on 19 December. We both appreciated your skills  and sincerity on the day. Your tried and proven words, combined with our  own touches, created an event that meant a lot to us and moved many of  the people present.”….
Jacquie and Stephen (1995)
Well,  we have arrived back from our honeymoon and returned to the regular  work routine. We wanted to drop a short note to say thank you for  conducting our wedding ceremony…We genuinely appreciated the thought you  put into the ceremony and your great flexibility in helping us out with  such little notice. Nitza, without you, to this day we would not be  married!We have had lots of comments on how beautiful the ceremony was  and we really want to thank you for that…..
Gideon and Rachel (2001)
“Thanks you for making our wedding day so special. You did a wonderful job, we really appreciate”.
Emma and Soren (2001)
“Thank  you for making our wedding the wonderful occasion it was. The day was  perfect and the ceremony will stay in our memories forever"…Thank you  also for your generous gift"….
Joanne and Rod (2004) (sent by Joanne's mother)
“How  can I ever thank you enough for making the wedding ceremony of Joanne  and Rod so lovely. The words you have chosen were so meaningful and  everybody said how lovely the ceremony was! I hope we did not drive you  too mad! Thank you again so much"……
Testimonials  &  Thank You letters for Sydeny Celebrant Nitza
Anna and Cyril (Melbourne 2004)
Thank  you so much for making the effort at such short notice and officiate  our wedding in Melbourne. It was a beautiful ceremony and your presence  and special words made it so memorable. A wedding day, as you would  know, is so emotional….I cannot remember it all, but I do remember  feeling very safe and relieved to see you standing there with Cyril
Julia and Eldean (1998)
It  is unbelievable that our wonderful day is long past….We want to thank  you so very much for your wonderful contribution to our day. We were  absolutely correct! You were the right person! Thank you so much again,  from two very happy people
Christine and Michael (1997)
I  wanted to thank you so very much for officiating at our wedding. At the  time of course it all seemed like a blur but when we reflect on the  ceremony on the video it brings it all back. We were very pleased with  your ceremony as were many of our guests who have commented since
Vanessa and Garry (2003)
“We  would just like to thank you for the beautiful job you did at our  wedding.You had a lot to do with the fact that it was such a lovely day  and went so well!
So many people commented on what a lovely service you did”…….
Vanda and Daniel (2003)
Thank you very much for giving Daniel and myself such a beautiful ceremony. We got so many compliments on your service”…..
Elise and Tal (2002)
“Thank  you for making our night so special. Nitza, your ceremony was perfect!  Thank you! So many people commented how much they like it and it was  just what we wanted”….
Kate and Ryan, (2003)
“Thank  you so much for officiating at our wedding. Everyone has commented on  the beautiful ceremony that you performed. It touched many hearts and  minds!
Nitza it was an honor and joy to have you with us on our very  special day. You made a fantastic impact and will be remembered always  for your participation”….
Tamar and Matthew (2000)
“We  would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful ceremony….It meant a  lot to us that we could incorporate so many Jewish customs and rituals  in the ceremony”….
Rowena and Adam (2002)
We  cannot begin to thank you enough for bringing our day together and  making our wedding ceremony so special for us. Your time and devotion to  our day shone through and made our vows extra special….The day truly  combined both of our beliefs. We felt that the service was truly special  and beautiful”…..
Helen and Andre (2004)
“Thank  you so much for creating such a wonderful and memorable wedding  ceremony for us Our friends and family have commented on how beautiful  and special it was”…
Vivian and Paul (2005)
Many,  many thanks for a beautiful, inspiring and sincere wedding ceremony and  for dragging the Chuppah so far. So many of our guests commented to us  how superb and culturally inclusive it was! You made our day  unforgettable”!
Jackie and Ole (2004)
Thank  you very much for making our day as wonderful and special as it was.  The ceremony was personal, memorable and heartfelt and something we will  remember always. It was a pleasure having you share our wedding day  with us”…
Laura and George (2004)
“Thank  you for traveling so far to officiate on our wedding and perform the  name giving ceremony for our daughter. The ceremony was so wonderful and  something we will treasure forever”…
Kate and David (2005)
Thank  you for all your support in the lead up to our big day. We had a lovely  day and were very happy that could celebrate with us.
Brian and Rachael (2005)
Thank you so much for a wonderful, magnificent and memorable ceremony
Tanya and David (2004)
What  words can ever tell the joy that we feel remembering that you shared  the beginning of our new life together. Thank you for you for doing such  a wonderful job as our celebrant. It really made the night great! Both  your presence and you gifts meant so much.
Eve and Steve (2004)
Just  a couple of photos for you. Thank you once again for conducting such a  lovely service. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and have even  confessed to the odd tear….
Richard and Min (2005)
We  just wanted to write you a quick note again to formally thank you for  the wonderful ceremony. We just watched the DVD on the weekend and  remembered how it was just so lovely. Thanks for your support and good  advice.
Denim and Jason (Brisbane 2006)
We  wanted to thank you for what a lovely ceremony you performed for us on  Saturday!We really appreciated the service as did everyone who attended,  our families who were both involved, and all the guests that attended  said it was a very meaningful ceremony. Once again thank you and we will  be recommending you to anyone looking for a celebrant.
Grace and Tim (2006)
Many  thanks for officiating my wedding, at Fort Denison. You were brilliant  and I was very impressed with you….You were also so helpful, asking the  guests to move forward so they can hear you….Tim and I are very grateful  to you for a beautiful ceremony.
Niki and Brad (2006)
Thank  you so much for celebrating our wedding with us and for conducting such  a sensitive and thoughtful ceremony. We have had so many comments from  friends and family saying what a beautiful ceremony it was. We cannot  thank you enough! Many thanks also for the gorgeous glass platter. We  really love it and will get much joy when using it…….
Testimonials &  Thank You letters for Sydney Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein
Justine and Mick (2006)
To  dearest Nitza, Thank you so much, for making our wedding so very  magical and for all your support and generosity. It was the most  beautiful ceremony….We absolutely loved your ceremony…
Dana and Ian (2006)
The  ceremony was beautiful and we will always remember it. Nitza, your  voice and sentiment made the ceremony a spiritual and meaningful  experience for us and our guests. We thank you for that from the bottom  of our hearts….
Ivanna and Anthony (2006)Thank you Nitza for a wonderful service, it was just perfect! Nicholas and Miranda (2006)
Thank  you so much for your contribution to our most special day. You really  were wonderful; kept us both totally relaxed and gave deep meaning the  ceremony for us and all present. Your gift was especially thoughtful and  we’ll use it now and as we grow our family. Thank you again and all our  love.
Marc and Emma (2006)
Thank  you so much for being a part of our wedding day. Nitza, the ceremony  was amazing, we loved every bit of it and we have watched it over and  over again on the video. You contributed towards a fantastic day that we  will never forget! Hopefully we will cross paths again in the future.  With love
Nick and Miranda (2006)
Thank  you so much for your contribution to our most special day. Your really  were wonderful, kept us both totally relaxed and gave deep meaning to  the ceremony for us and all present. Your gift was especially thoughtful  and we will use it now and as we grow our family. Thank you again and  all our love…..
Marianne and Andrea (2006)
Thank  you for your professionalism, sense of humor and leaving all of us with  our hearts and memories filled with love. The words were special.  Everyone thought the ceremony and the day was just so beautiful…..
Kylie and Jonathan (2006)
Thank  you for being a part of our special day. We loved our wedding and are  grateful for your beautiful words, which we will always remember. Your  gift is much appreciated….
Jhanna and Burt (2006)
I  thought you may be interested in seeing some of the preliminary photos  from the day. It was all so beautiful and amazing! Thank you so much for  a beautiful ceremony! Everyone has commented on how divine it was -  hope you had fun at the reception. Also someone from the wedding has  asked my parents for your number so I will be forwarding it on...
Sarah and Michael (Perth 2005)
We have so many fond memories of our wedding and we wanted to thank you for doing the ceremony in such a wonderful way.Many  people have commented to us and our family about how special and unique  the ceremony was. It was clear that it was as significant and  meaningful to our guests as to us. We wanted to thank you for  recognizing how important it was to both of us that we have Jewish  traditions at our wedding.
Your understanding and compassion on this  issue was something we have found to be rare. Thank you both for your  thoughtful gift and d for sharing the day with us. With love, Michael  and Sarah
Tali and Richard (2006)
Thank  you so much for the lovely words said during our wedding ceremony and  for celebrating with us. It was wonderful that you were able to be a  part of our special day.
Mark (Marcus) and Elaine (2007)
Our  lives are forever joined now and all our dreams have come true. We  would like to take this time to really say Thank you, for your thoughts,  your gift and for making our wedding so special. Love, Mark and Elaine
Sarah and Gaby (2007)
Thank  you so much for making our special day so memorable. You helped us  achieve a very warm, loving and remarkable occasion that I am sure  everyone will go no to remember for a very long time. We both loved the  day and recount funny and moving moments of the ceremony. We hope you  enjoyed sharing the reception with our family and friends, as we know  they did with you. Thank you and warm regards, Sarah and Gaby.
Ben and Michelle (2007)
Thank  you for making our wedding day so special! We were really touched by  your beautiful ceremony, your warmth and generosity of spirit. Much  love, Ben and Michelle
Natalie and Meni (2007)
We  would like to thank you for all your help before our big day and for  the beautiful wedding ceremony. But most of all, we would like to thank  you for your kindness.Craig and Nicky (2007)
Warmest  thanks for beautiful ceremony, you held for us. It is truly a special  moment that we will both never forget. Warmest regards, Craig and Nicky
Linda and Richard (2007)
Thank  you so much for the beautiful gift you gave us. It is absolutely  wonderful and we will look forward to using it and remembering what a  beautiful service you did. Thank you so much for making it so warm.  Everyone was so impressed and loved every minute of it .It was a  privilege to have you marry us and we hope to see you in the near  future.
Andrew and Jennie (Married in 1997)This email was received in 2007
Hello  Nitza, I doubt that you would remember us, but ten years ago today; in  your lounge room you married two young people. A young soldier from  Dulwich Hill and a beautiful young lady from St Ives, your husband took  some photos and I think even your son was there.   The past ten years  have been Fantastic, Jennie and I now live in the Northern Territory and  have four beautiful children and are looking forward to what the next  ten years will bring. I just thought you would like to know that we are  still very much in love and treasure every moment together. Thank you to  you and your family for starting our life together in such a warm and  loving way. Kindest regards, Andrew
Danielle and Hugh (2007)
Hugh  and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for helping make our  wedding so lovely. Lots of people commented on what a great ceremony it  was!
Kathryn and Roger (2007)
Thank you for a wonderful and very memorable day. Your words continue to be part of our lives….they are so appropriate for us…..
Emma and John (2007)
Before the wedding Thank  you for taking the time to meet with John and me on Wednesday evening.  We are thrilled that you will be our celebrant on the day and we are  delighted with your lovely service.
After the wedding Thank  you so much for making our wedding so memorable. Everyone has been  commenting on what a truly, lovely service you gave. John and I can't  thank you enough for giving us the most wonderful day we could have  imagined
Testimonials  &  Thank You letters
for Sydeny Celebrant Nitza  Lowenstein
Simone and Matthew (2007)
Thank  you so very much for making our wedding ceremony so special. You made  the occasion feel very calm, even with our nervous but excited energy.  You did a wonderful job and we were so happy you were able to share the  reception with us. We had such a fabulous time and we hope you did too.  Thanks for your thoughtful gift, It will be treasured.
Ilanit and Scott (2007)
The  couple sent a magnificent fruit basket to my home address with a card  attached to it:"Thanking you again for such a wonderful ceremony You  made it fun and joy"…Thank you so much for performing our marriage and  making it so memorable.The day could not have been more perfect!! We  look forward to seeing you soon on many more such happy occasion
Fleur and Ben (2007)
Ben  and I would like to thank you for helping to make our wedding magical  and memorable. The ceremony was wonderful and everyone has commented on  how romantic and enjoyable it was. Thank you for all your help….
Kasia and Steve (2008)
Now  that things have settled down a bit after the wedding, we wanted to  thank you immensely for leading such a wonderful ceremony. We and  everyone else there found it both engaging and intimate, with every word  and every sentence adding to the ceremony and demanding one's  attention. More than a few guests have said it was the best wedding  ceremony that they've ever attended, and we obviously think so, too.
We  should also mention how pleased Kasia's parents were both with the  ceremony and with you. They found the connection with Poland and Polish  culture a wonderful and intimate surprise. Finally, we were delighted  that you were able to stay for the meal and both enjoy and contribute to  the intimacy of the occasion.
Kasia and Steve (2008) second letter:  We want to thank you again for what was a splendid ceremony, one that  everyone enjoyed and admired. And as we said before, we were ever so  pleased that you found yourself in such good conversation with Kasia's  parents. It was a very happy surprise.
Lisa and Robbie (2008)
Dearest  Nitza, Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding day.  Thanks you for everything you did to make the day so incredibly  special…Your gift is so thoughtful and colourful…
Angie and Clive (2008)
A  huge thank-you for leading such a beautiful wedding ceremony. It was  perfect and we had so many compliments…With love, Clive and Angie
Angie's mother (2008)
Dear  Nitza, I can't believe it's been two months since you officiated my  daughter's wedding. You have come to my mind on and off since and for  various reasons I haven't expressed my gratitude. The wedding ceremony  was the most beautiful and serene I have witnessed and I want to say  thank you so much from me and my husband for your part in helping to  make it so special. We received so many compliments on the beautiful  couple and how lovely the ceremony was and of course as a parent you  can't help but feel proud. Once again, thank you so much Nitza. Kind  Regards, Pina Schiavone
Michelle and Salvatore (2008)
Thank  you so much for marrying us. It was a beautiful ceremony. We were  really pleased you joined us for the whole celebration. We really  appreciate your gift and it was very generous of you.
Michael and Carmen (married 2006. letter received: 2008)
We  were thinking of you as we have been happily married for 2 years now.  Your kindness and warmth will remain with us for life. We hope you and  your family are well. Thank you again for starting our life as a married  couple in such a fabulous way.
Pascal and Monica (2008)
Firstly,  thank you for your gift-believe it or not, we actually needed it….Your  presence and warmth through the ceremony touched both Pascal and myself-  You are very gifted! Thank you for your support and assistance both  before & after the wedding.
We wish you all the best I'm sure our  paths will cross again at future weddings or ceremonies. Take care. We  send you light & love
Garry and Rosemary (2008)
Now  that the wedding and honeymoon are a fond memory, can I take this  opportunity to thank you for a wonderful, memorable wedding ceremony.  Your words and explanations added a depth to the ceremony that made it  understandable for all our guests, both Jewish and non-Jewish as well as  for Garry and myself. Again, many, many, many thanks.
Judith and Jonathan (2005)
It  was an absolutely wonderful wedding and thank you so much for the  beautiful ceremony which was a magnificent beginning to a most memorable  and happy occasion. The story appeared in the Sunday NY Times 27 Nov  with photo
Jose and Alan (2005) (The mother of the bride)
I  wanted to thank you so much for a really lovely wedding ceremony, I  know the couple were delighted and I thought the content of what you  said was very good indeed, such good advice and so good to remind us all  of how to be to each other in a marriage, I am sure your words will  stay with them always. I am sorry I did thank you in person - but it was  all quite a whirl at the time! It was all very meaningful and personal,  Kindest best wishes, From Jose's mother
Testimonials  &  Thank You letters Sydney Celebrant weddings
Justin and Susan (2006)
Sue  and I arrived back in LA this morning after a great honeymoon in Fiji.  We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our ceremony -  the ceremony went without a hitch and we really appreciate the great  work you did as celebrant for our wedding .Please find attached a photo  of the occasion as a small memento. Thanks very much again Nitza for a  wonderful ceremony, it was a pleasure to meet you, and Sue and I wish  you all the best for the future.
Miranda and Matt (2007) From the Marriage coordinator
Thank  you so much for the lovely job you did on the weekend with Miranda and  Matt's wedding. They were really thrilled and it was lovely for her  father to come and say thank you to you personally. It was lovely  working with you again. Kind Regards, Alex
Marcel & Joanne (Perth 2008)
Thank  you for conducting our marriage ceremony and for your beautiful  present. We felt the service was perfect and our guests all agreed. We  appreciated you flying to Perth for our wedding. It was a momentous  occasion and your contribution was greatly appreciated.
Lindy and Daniel (2008)
Daniel and I want to thank you again for helping make our wedding night special. The ceremony was wonderful.
Carolyn and Paul (2008) Written by the mother Julie.
Thank  you very much for the wonderful wedding ceremony you conducted for  Carolyn and Paul. It was lovely and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you again and kind regards, Julie
Julia and Jan (Married in 2004 received in 2009 on wedding anniversary)
A  big and warm greeting from (cold) Germany to the other side of  the world! We're not sure if you remember us and this date, but right  5 years ago on 10th of March 2004 you celebrated our wedding at  Dawes Point, Sydney. Remember? Incredible...5 years ago! 5 very busy but  also very happy years full of love which started with your wonderful  wedding ceremony - Thank you! In the meantime we moved, finished our  studies and got our first child, Valentin Elias Bastian born at 13th of  March 2007. We are a very happy little family and loving husband and  wife! -We only miss Australia :)! But the flights are very expensive and  would be quite long with our son. But if you are once in Germany,  please do not hesitate to contact us! How are you and your kids? Where  does your daughter work now? I am now in a little hospital in the town  we live in inner medicine but still think about obstetrics or  pediatrics, we’ll see. Dear Nitza, we send you all the best for you and  your family and a big hug to you down under! Best wishes, Julia &  Jan Knittel PS: I hope it'll work to send you a few photos from us..
Neil and Emilee (2009)
Just wanted to say Thanks again, what a beautiful ceremony! As you said it was everything I wanted it to be and more..
Saskia and Christian (2009)
Thanks for making our ceremony so wonderful. We appreciated and enjoyed it immensely…
Janice & Michael (2009)
We  had a truly amazing day and you did a fantastic job. As you know we had  many non-Jewish guests and many of them commented on how warm and  wonderful the ceremony was. We thank you for helping us to create such a  lovely memory. All our thanks & best wishes
Margot & Oleh (2009)
Thank  you for the Challah cover. It is beautiful and we look forward to  hosting our next Shabbat so that we can use it. More importantly, thank  you for all your efforts and for helping to make a beautiful and  memorable ceremony, even in the rain! We had a ball…lot of love…
Amanda & Scott (2009)
Dearest  Nitza, There are no words to describe how perfect our wedding day  was!Thank you for everything!!!The ceremony still has people talking!  Just Lovely!
Jeremy and Raquel (2009) Ken and Barbara the parents of the Groom
Thank you for making Jeremy and Raquel's wedding so memorable
Adam and Jenny (2009)
Thank  you for being such a fantastic celebrant. We loved the beautiful  ceremony and will remember it always. Thank you also for joining us to  celebrate our wedding, for your good wishes and the beautiful Challah  cover
Tanya and Ben (2009)
Although  this is belated, we want to say a huge thank you for being a wonderful  celebrant at our wedding and for the beautiful Challah cover!
Alex and Dan (2009)
Thank  you for being such an intrinsic and important part of our wedding  day.You made our ceremony truly unique and very memorable.
Freyja and Scott (2010)
Posted  on "Face book" "Hi Nitza, We just wanted to say a big thank you for  your help at our wedding on the 29th. You were right, your experience  was what made the ceremony even lovelier, everyone commented on your  professionalism!"
A letter:  Hi Nitza, Thank  you so much for a lovely ceremony, we had a lot of people who asked  were we had found you and loved the little touches like the wine  ceremony that we included. My mum loved it as her side of the family  have Jewish heritage and she thought that the wine was a nice touch.  Also found out that you married friends of my Bridesmaids - Lini and  Daniel... (I think that was there name) So Jen and Kel had seen you  before.Scott bought an exercise bike of eBay in an attempt to get  fit, and guess who we bought it off!! From all the people in the world  selling bikes... Your next door neighbor Suzie! As we pulled up I said  to Scott, "this looks very familiar.... I'm pretty sure that is Nitza’s  house! "Small world. Thank you once again, I will be recommending highly  to everyone I know. Love, Freyja
Larry and Diana (2010)
Thank you for your lovely gift and for making our wedding such a special day.
Ruth and Ron (2010)
Thank  you so much for making our wedding magical. Everybody had such a great  time. Also we love the Challah cover you gave us. One we get more photos  we will send you some. Love Ruth & Ron
Timothy and Elizabeth (2010)
Thank  you so much for marrying us in January. Many of our guests commented on  the beauty of our ceremony. Thank you for making our wedding day so  memorable.
L & J (2010)
Thank  you so much for sharing our special day with us, for all your help and  the beautiful ceremony. Thank you again for the great gift
Cassy and Rael (2010)
Thank  you Nitza, I didn’t get the chance to, but Rael and I wanted to thank  you for making our day so unbelievable. Everyone commented on how  beautiful the ceremony was. For many of our friends it was their first  experience with a Jewish wedding and they all thought it was so special.
Denise & James 2010
Thank  you again for being such a wonderful, fun part of our wedding in March.  James & I really enjoyed the ceremony and felt it was exactly what  we wanted for our wedding. We really can't thank you enough for making  it so special.
Joseph & Angela (Gold Coast QLD August 2010)
Thank you for your patience and guidance in making today as special as it was.
Nadia & Mark (2010)
Thank you so much for being such a big part in making our wedding day a success. We loved it. Your gift is just superb…
Testimonials & Thank You letters for Sydney Celebrant Nitza
Nick and Sheila (2011)
Just  a quick email to say thank you for the lovely ceremony you did for our  wedding. It was such a memorable and beautiful ceremony and I have lost  count at the number of people who said it was the best wedding ever.  Nick and I shall treasure that day for the rest of our lives!
Johnny and Anya (2011)
Thank  you so much for making our special day possible. We can’t thank you  enough for your advice and guidance and for making everything  perfect!Lot of love, Johnny & Anya
Danny and Alice (Perth 2011)
Thank  you so much for making our wedding ceremony the incredibly special  moving experience. Our friends and family, Jewish and non Jewish,  absolutely loved it and Danny and I were delighted with every aspect. We  greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness, eloquence and warmth.
Nicole and Peter (2010)
Thank  you so much for officiating our wedding. It was such an amazing day for  us. The service was so unique and special and our families enjoyed the  blend of cultures and the explanations you gave. We are enjoying married  life in our new home in Brisbane and look back at the day with fond  memories.
Andrew and Vanesa (2011)
Dear  Nitza, Seven weeks on, we remain happily married and finding that  people are still talking about how beautiful our ceremony was.We want to  thank you for such a great job! You made our wedding day unforgettable!
Garth andRonen(Commitment,Same Sex ceremony 2011)
Once  again, from Garth and Myself. Thank you Nitza so much, for doing our  ceremony it is something that we will remember and cherish for life...
Gal and Cecilia (2011)
We  were very excited on Sunday afternoon, a bit too much to thank you  properly...It was a very meaningful ceremony for us, and for all our  guests. We still receive great responses on the ceremony, and how  significant it felt to everyone who stood there with us.
So, thank you very much, from the bottom of our heart, for creating this amazing atmosphere for this special day!
Netta and Manny (2011)
Most of all, we would like to thank you for the amazing ceremony. It made it so much more special that you did it for us.
Anna & Mark (2011)
Just to say we really thank you for sharing our special day and conducting a wonderful mitzvah.
Kobe & Sam (2011)
Thank  you so so much for creating the day of our dreams. The ceremony was  just beautiful & incredible and tied both of our families together.  We thank you so much for managing us! We are thrilled & excited to  begin our new journey. Thank you for the beautiful gift. It is in  Chicago with us.
Kobe & Sam (2011-The parents)
Thank you Nitza!  This photo we’ve sent you says it all. You did an absolute brilliant job. All of us couldn't have been happier
Tanya and Tristan (2011)I would like to thank you for conducting our wedding ceremony last Sunday! Everyone has said what a great ceremony it was
Ilenia & Paolo 2011
Hello  from Italy, Our wedding was absolutely fantastic, thanks to you Nitza.  It was just the most beautiful day of our life!! It couldn't have been  any better!
Liza & Ben (Perth WA 2012)
Dear Nitza, Words  cannot express the gratitude we feel for the amazingly intimate,  powerful and meaningful ceremony you performed for our marriage,  a ceremony that really surpassed our hopes and expectations. We truly  felt that something very special had occurred and many people commented  on how much they enjoyed your style. The ceremony was a perfect blend of  all that was important to us and we feel truly blessed to have had your  special touch. You were worth every cent and you gave us the ceremony we never thought we could have.Thank  you from the bottom of our hearts for such a special wedding and for  flying all the way here to Perth (and back). Warmest regards, Liza &  Ben
Sasha & Paul (2012)
Wow-Nitza you were wonderful! We are so lucky to have been blessed with you as a celebrant. You were perfect, amazing, a phenomenal celebrant. Exactly the right atmosphere flavour, you created. A  beautiful ceremony and we don’t have the word to describe how grateful  we are. Thank you. Many warm regards, Paul and Sasha xxx
Anat &Gary (2012)
I  want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Saturday night’s  wedding ceremony and for the support and good advise you have shared  with me prior to the event. It was beautiful and successful and we thank  you again for assisting in such a meaningful event of our lives.
Jessica & Dan (2012)
We just wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for your beautiful ceremony on Saturday. So many people remarked about how personal, symbolic and special it was, and  we also had a great time. It was a fantastic day for us - one we'll  remember for the rest of our lives - and you played an integral part in  that.Thanks also for helping us organize it from across the world, and also  for such a beautiful ceremony that included many traditional Jewish  elements, but also allowed guests who didn't know the meaning of such  things to understand and see the richness and history of Jewish culture. Many thanks, Jess and Dan
Jessica & Dan (Jess’s Mother Kathy Mahar) 2012
This  is Jess’s mum here from the wedding of Jess Mahar and Dan Rath on  Saturday or rather the engagement that became the wedding.
I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a moving service that was and what a great job you did – a lovely blend of warmth, humour and ceremony. You seemed to have captured the essence of their stories and personalities  very well and even though I was the mother of the bride and it was an  emotional time for me, I think I would have found this service moving  anyhow.It was a beautiful wedding in all ways and thank you for making  it such a memorable and touching service – one that I will never  forget!Warmest wishes, Kathy
Hayden and Gretchen (2012)
Thank  you so much Nitza for our lovely and intimate wedding and for making  our special day memorable and yet stress free. We appreciate your  kindness, advice and care. Thank you for guiding Hayden and I through  this experience. You are the Best!
Deborah and Georg (2012)
Time  is flying by and we wanted to pause for a moment and say an extra  special thank you for helping to make our wedding a truly memorable  occasion - for all the right reasons :-)Your warmth, caring personality and attention to detail gave us the perfect ceremony. Your  friendly advice and generous giving of your time before the ceremony  prepared us well for the day and enabled us to enjoy the moment - thank  you! Nadine and Magrit have done a fantastic job with the  photos and I am attaching a few for you to enjoy.  I do hope that we  shall be able to keep in touch, perhaps via Facebook, and wish you every  success and much happiness in the future.
Joanne & Philip (2012)  
I  would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for assisting in  ensuring that our wedding was a great success. You were absolutely right  that no rehearsal was required! Many of our guests were complimentary of the Ceremony which set the tone for the rest of the evening.I  will send you the photos of us taken together with you once these have  been received from the photographer.My mother has also asked to pass on  to you her assurance that she will continue to follow your SBS  broadcasts! An additional card arrived with photos: A little momento from our wedding day and an excuse to say thank you once again for making our wedding such a great success
Jane & Andrew  (2012) The mother, Dalys
Thank  you so very much Nitza....from the bottom of my heart.  You made it  such a special ceremony for all of us. I do hope you enjoyed it too. It  was all such a whirlwind for me and I am very sorry I didn't get to  thank you properly on the day. Dalys
Debra & Andrew (2012)
Thank  you for the wonderful ceremony you performed for us. It was very  special for us. All the guests so enjoyed it. Thank you also for the  generous gift you gave us. We will use it and think of you.
Sawin & Jimmy (Dimitre) 2012
Sawin and myself and the best man Vesko with his wife Maia would like to thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable wedding ceremony we had in you beautiful tropical garden. As  you are aware the honeymoon month goes very quickly as we are very  happy. I am also very thankful to Branka as helped us a lot by  introducing you to us because she also had had nice wedding in your  place. I am sure you missed the party in the golf club at North Rocks!  We stayed till very late Thanks again.Sawin & Dimitre (Jimmy)
Kendal & Jason (2012)
Note attached to magnificent flowers that were delivered to my house Dear  Nitza, A heartfelt thank you, for the beautiful service you provided us  o our special day. It really touched everyone who attended & there  wasn’t a dry eye afterwards!
Aline & Simon (2012)
Nitza,  Thanks so much for your efforts on Saturday! You turned a great day  into an unbeatable occasion.I can’t imagine we were the easiest bunch  for you to officiate … possibly the first time you’ve had a 6 foot  rabbit and a clown to deal with!Nevertheless, you managed to put just  the right level of control into our unusual bunch … and the result was  an absolutely perfect day for Aline and I.Thanks again, Simon and Aline
Jessica & Simon (2012)
Thank  you so much for making our wedding ceremony so special. Despite the  threatening rain and the wind you managed to get through it so  professionally. We really appreciate how you made it personal, relaxed  and inclusive for all our guests. Nitza thank you very much for being  part of our day!
Rachel & Frank (QLD 2012)
Thank  you so much for all your help with our wedding. Your ceremony was  perfect for us and it was just such a special day. We enjoyed your  company so much at Pa’s 90th birthday and you helped make him  feel special too. Thank you for the Challah cover. It takes pride of  place at Shabbat. Many thanks again.
Lina & Tom (From Singapore) 2013
We got back from Sydney, and I couldn't wait to say again: THANK YOU! :) Thank you for making our wedding ceremony smooth and very special despite the weather. Your words were beautiful; we would love to have a copy of at least some of it! Thank you also for helping to sort out the problem with the Registry.  After your phone call our certificate was issued promptly, and we  received our authentication/apostil stamps on the same day as well, just  as you said we could. Another thank you for recommending Nadine and the  venue for the photos. We had a good time, also on Thursday when we went  back to Kirribilli to see it dry and sunny, and take more photos. We  are very happy you were our celebrant. Best wishes,Tom & Lina
Tracy & Herman (from Hong Kong
This  is Herman & Tracy from Hong Kong. We have successfully got the  Marriage Certificate and the Apostil and we are already back home in HK  safely. Once again, thanks very much for your all your help.
Shelja & David (2013)
We  have just gotten back from our honeymoon and Shelja and I would like to  thank you for a wonderful ceremony on our wedding day. All our guests  were very happy and really enjoyed your service. Please feel free to use  us as a reference and we will both be recommending you to anyone  planning to get married soon :-)Once again, thank you for being part of  our special day!
Martine & Robert (2013)
I really wanted to thank you for your brilliant participation and facilitation of our wedding on 2nd  February. I have been inundated with comments about how beautiful the  ceremony was and how well you presented it. Of course, I would like to  thank in person on the phone but I thought this email would do in the  meantime.
Testimonials & Thank You letters for Sydney Celebrant Nitza Lowenstein
Stefania & Stanley (2013)
Nitza,  I still remember a year ago today, I was just contacting you to get  more info on possibly getting married in Sydney. I still can’t believe  that its’ truly happening.
From my constant emails, phone calls, you name it; you have been there each step of the way! Thank you for being the one who has helped us and guided us in our ceremony. Love Stef and Stan.
Lyn & Mark (2013)
thank you for the thoughtful & professional ceremony you did at our  wedding. You helped to make it a very special & memorable day.
Erene & Troy (2013)
Just  wanted to thank you for making our wedding day one to remember. A  beautiful service & Lovely environment made it such a memorable day.  Thank you from my heart. With love, Erene & Troy and family
Stella (Yao) & Jiawei (2013)
Thank you for leaving us such a romantic memory. Western marriage  ceremony is so different from the one from China, simple but very  lovely. Please find attachment for the pics! Thanks so much for  everything, Stella
Joanna & Martin (Perth WA 2012)
We know it’s been a while, but we would like to say Thank you for being  such a wonderful, caring and helpful wedding celebrant and your lovely  wedding gift. With love Joanna & Martin plus Shenker Junior to be  (expecting in November)
Catherine & Richard (2013)
Dear  Nitza,I am emailing to thank you for conducting our wedding ceremony  last weekend - it was just the thing we wanted, and everyone there has  commented on how good it was.  We were very lucky with the weather too  it seems - the next day was terrible! We're now back in England but just  wanted to let you know how happy we are and thank you! Catherine and  Richard Crocker
Lea & Dan (2013)
It  was Magical and Beautiful! The best ceremony ever! Lots of love and see  you soon at our Cuban Party. Many kisses, Lea & Dan
Kara & Brian (2013)
Hello Nitza,I want to begin by saying thank you so much for such a great wedding,we owe it all to you, the location, the poem you recommended was beautiful and amazing.  I am going to have it framed and hung in our home when we buy our first  house together. Allowing my mother to say the “Lord’s Prayer” made her  so happy and Kara and I too. So once again I want to say thank you for  making the day such a pleasure, and if it wasn’t for you the day would  not have been the day it was. I thank you once again and recommend you  to anybody I know that is getting married, we will always remember you!
Juanita & Elad (2013 Newcastle)
Thank you so much for a beautiful and unique ceremony.Everyone loved  it. Hope you and Arthur had a good time too.Lots of love and  appreciation
.Stella & Russel (2013 Melbourne)
It's  November and you know what that means? It's probably about time we  said: thank you, thank you, thank you! We shared our vows, celebrated,  honeymooned, and our adventurous plans are coming to fruition. What an incredible ceremony and celebration! What an amazing day we had! So without further ado, we must thank you! You made it so fabulous.
Charmaine & Jeff (2013)
Thank  you so much for yesterday. Your words were beautiful! We definitely  made the right choice choosing you! Thank you again for everything.
Christina & Daniel (2013)
We would like to thank you again for performing and facilitating our  wedding at your lovely home.We are happy that you would share your house  for us to get married
Lauren & Nick Port Macquarie ( 2013) The mother Valarie
Hi Nitza I can't begin to thank you enough for the ceremony for Lauren and Nick's wedding. So many people have asked me for your name,  and said that they really enjoyed the experience, for many the first  encounter with anything or anyone Jewish. I don't think there is a big  Jewish community in Chinchilla :-)
Nikita & Joe (2013)
Thank  you Nitza for an amazing and special Day! We both really appreciate it!  We will definitely keep in touch. Have a wonderful festive season. All  the best and lots of love from Nikita and Joe
Raechel & Craig (2013) Thank  you Nitza for you love, care & support leading up to our wedding.  It was an honor to have you marry us! It wouldn’t have been the same  without you.Lots of love, Craig & Raechel
Waleska & Thibaut (2013)
We  would like to thank you once again for being our celebrant! We had an  amazing day, thanks to you! And you were so good, even better than what  we hoped for! Fun fact: one of our guests is friend with Jacklyn, who we  believe you married the same day as us!
Noy & Rotem (2013)
Just  a quick email to say thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony you  conducted!! It was light and amusing and many of our friends mentioned  they enjoyed it very much (without the religious part :)). We went to  the registry office the following morning and picked up the official  marriage certificate so thanks heaps of making the effort to enter the  data to their system so late at night after the wedding. We will send  you some photos from the event once we receive them from Ofer (the  photographer) and will be in touch to let you know when the twins arrive  :) We'll be recommending your wonderful services to everyone we know so  it'd be great to see you again in one of our friends wedding. Many  thanks for everything, it is very much appreciated!!! Rotem & Noy
Julie Millard & Dave Baker (2013)
Thank you for coming out to marry us last week - you were wonderful and we were very happy with the service
Berniece & Flavio (2013)
Thank  you so much Nitza for making our day so precious and memorable and for  being so efficient. Thank you for so promptly registering us!  I will  send you the ceremony professional pictures taken happy to share them  with you for posting on your site.  Thank you Nitza! We hopefully see  you again very soon on our next visit it would be a pleasure!
Jodie & Manuel (2014)
We both want to thank you for a lovely wedding ceremony which was special & intimate
Diana & Matan (2014)
Nitza,  thank you so much for the lovely wedding ceremony. You really made it a  truly special and blessed occasion for Diana and I, for both our  families and all our guests. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
Vashti & Ben (2014)
Thanks so much, Nitza!  Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you! Everyone loved the ceremony.
Elisa & Mark (2014)
Thanks Nitza, your ceremony was absolutely amazing!! Everyone loved it so much; the guests loved how in depth you went and how you made it feel so personal and heartfelt. So thanks once again we loved every minute of it.
Hannah & Ben (2014)
Thank  you so much, we had such an amazing day!! The ceremony is a bit of a  blur but I remember trying to focus myself to soak in as much as  possible!!   SO many people told me it was the most amazing ceremony they’ve seen, which we feel as well. Thank you for your special touch, we couldn’t possibly be happier.
Naomi & Ben (2014)
I  would like to thank you sincerely for marrying us last weekend! You  were gracious and knowledgeable and very kind throughout the whole  process, and we are very happy. We received many wonderful comments from  our guests about you - they said in particular it was great to hear the  explanation behind why we do the things we do in a (half) Jewish  ceremony. Even many of my Jewish friends and family didn’t know the  reasons behind some traditions.It’s been a very exciting time for us,  and I would like to thank you again for being such a big part of our  day! My best regards, Naomi Reich
Linda & Geoffrey (2014)
Thank  you so much for our lovely ceremony. It was perfect and exactly what we  had hoped for. The sun even came out for us. Jonah's is fabulous so all  in all we have having just the best time.With our very best wishes and  thank you once again for making our day so special.
Melissa & Daniel (2014)
Apologies for the delay in thanks, however we would like to say thank  you very kindly for our wedding and for all that you did to make it such  a special day. We had such a beautiful time, we loved how you  incorporated our Story of the Two Stones and the words that meant so  much to us, and we will remember the day forever. Here is a photo for  you, taken by my wonderful photographer brother. I hope you also had a  nice time with us, and thank you again,
Ji Young & Peter (2014)
Thank  you very much for the lovely ceremony on Saturday. It was just what Ji  and I were looking for. Ji was very nervous about reciting the vows. We  are now in the process of applying for the partner visa and will soon be  moving into our new home.
Mandita & Jonathan (2014)
Jon  and I would like to say a huge thank you for the service today; it was  so lovely and really made today feel that extra bit special. All our  guests enjoyed it too and it made for a truly memorable day.
Grace & Kenneth (2014)
Hope  you are well. We had a lovely mini moon at Fiji. We have officially  started our life together. We would like to say thank you. You have  given us a beautiful ceremony and your story telling was so personal. We  really appreciate your professional service; it has made the highlight  of our wedding day. Nitza, we would like to thank you so much for  everything.  Have a nice day. Cheers, Grace and Kenneth
Rebekah & Marcus (2014)
I  know it’s a little delayed but I wanted to thank you very much for your  wonderful way on our wedding day and allowing us to be as quirky as we  were. Marcus and I are together in the UK (I landed 2 days ago) We’re  very happy and looking forward to our life together
Weddings by Nitza Lowenstein
Meghna & Noby (2014)
 Thanks Heaps Nitza for all the help! You are incredible...Can't express  our happiness now....You came as a messenger....We went to the Registry  immediately after and straight away got our certificate...thanks once  again....
Lorna & Ian (2014)
Thank  you soo much for the beautiful ceremony you gave to us!!!!.It was so  special and nice.My mom wants to thank you for being so nice to us and  making it soo special! We had such a wonderful time and the pictures are  awesome.All your advice was great and everyone loved the glass of  champagne after the ceremony.Again, Thank you very very very much.Please find some pictures attached and I will send you more in another email bc they are heavy pictures.May God fill your life with many blessings!!
Robyn & Peter (2014)
Thank you so much for marrying us yesterday. Everyone commented how lovely and warm the service was. Thanks again. Warmest regards.
Deborah & Roberto (2014)
Both  Deb & I would like to thank you for our lovely wedding ceremony  last Friday. We both said how special you made it - even though we
Natalie & Lee (2014)
Thank  you so much for being our celebrant at our wedding on Saturday night.  You did an amazing job and everyone loved you! Thank you again for your  wonderful efforts!
Eunice & James (2014)
Thank you SO MUCH AGAIN! You made it easy and very special. I will definitely tell my friends about you and your services :)
Tracy &Tom (2015)
Good   morning Nitza, Tracy and I would just like to thank you for all you   done for us on Saturday. The ceremony was beautiful and everything we   wanted it to be. Thank you for being a part of our special day.
Lauren & Ted (2015)
Dearest   and most wonderful Nitza, Both Ted and I were just talking about you   tonight and how amazing you were to both of us on our wedding day, 5th Feb-Rose Garden. So thank you very much. We will also send you some photos. Good night.
Suzi & Eldon (2015)
Dearest   Nitza, thank you so much for making our wedding day so very special.  We  loved the poem! It meant a great deal and made our vows seem so much   more than just an “I do”…You were so warm and welcoming and made our  very simple ceremony fell so much more. You obviously have a gift for  joining people together.
Eliza & Karl and parents Raquel & David (2014)
Thank  you for the awesome & amazing ceremony you  did for Eliza – it was  from your heart & my dad still cannot stop  raving about it David  & I thank you very deeply from the bottom of  our hearts – you are an  amazing lady & we feel blessed to have met  you... Eliza & Karl  also thank you very much – they were so happy  & cannot stop thanking  you.You are very special & we love you very much.
Michelle & Ben (2015)
We  just want to say Thank you again for helping make our wedding day so  amazing! We genuinely couldn’t have asked for anything better. You  helped us make some great memories. Love Michelle and Ben.
Weddings by Nitza Lowenstein
Maureen & Ken (2015)
We express a very special thank-you for conducting our wedding service.
We couldn’t have wished for any better. It was how we wanted: personal, informal and unique with Ken’s quirky sense of humor.
The fake ring has certainly got a few responses when telling the story.
Thanks  again and Ken would love to stay in touch as he was most impressed by  you! Both of us share with you similar beliefs and values about the  world.
Maribeth and Russell (2015)
Hi  Nitza, I am so glad for internet because I found you as our Wedding  Celebrant. Thank you so much for the very nice ceremony you prepared for  us, it was very meaningful. Not only that, thank you from the bottom of  my heart for persuading us to have the ceremony in the city with the  magnificent views of Sydney iconic structures. Our pictures turned out  very beautiful. You are right Sydney is one of the best cities in the  world and we have to take advantage of the views.
Mary and Neil (2015)
it  was certainly a wedding with a difference between the videographer  being late and delaying everything and then my mother's fall.
Thank  you for your patience on the day with everything and I apologise that it  went on for so long.  It was a beautiful ceremony and you made it extra  special with your lovely words about my daughters.Look forward to  following your facebook page in the months to come when we are back home  in Ireland.
Alison & Talie (2015)
Thank  you sooo much for our beautiful wedding gift & card, we love it. We  cannot thank you enough for your amazing work on the day, it was  perfect!! We cannot thank you enough. We are off to Europe today back at  the end of September & will be in touch then as we have a little  thank you gift etc
Davina & Darren (2015)
Thank you so much for conducting our ceremony yesterday. It was amazing and everything you said was perfect!  We really appreciate your time
Doris & Kevin (2015)
Dear Nitza, Hope you are well.
It's  been a while we have not contacted and we have been busy working and  starting our new journey of life. We are now expecting our baby next  March. It's really happy news that we would like to share with you. We  really appreciated that you officiated our marriage ceremony. It was  very beautiful and special. We received our wedding photos from  professional photography agent. We would like to share with you. Please  find the attached our wedding photos. Thank you Nitza!
Rae and Larry (2015)
Larry  and I couldn't be any happier. We had the most amazing night and all  the more so thanks to you, for making the ceremony meaningful, special  and so memorable.It was absolutely perfect! The compliments keep pouring  in. Thanks again very much! Wishing you all the best.
Fiona & Connor (2015)
Hello  Nitza, Thank you for a fantastic wedding ceremony on Friday. Connor and  I truly loved your service. Thank you so much. Please find some  pictures, attached and thank you for making this day a memorable one.
Kerrilee & Mike (2015)
Thank  you so much Nitza for the beautiful ceremony last night! Mike and I  both felt you did a great job and certainly made it feel special for  us.Your words were perfect! We are soooooo glad that you suggested  changing it from today too!
Pam & Edward (2015)
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING last Saturday!
We couldn't have asked for anything more, you were wonderful!
Birgit & Detlef (from Germany 2015 )
So we are back in Germany and like think back to the wonderful wedding you made for us.
It  was excellent for us, clear and very understandable that was really  good for us.You made it special for us.Thank you very much for the  perfect wedding, it was a outstanding day, you make all perfect for us.  Thanks for the tips how to get the Certificate from the Registry  quickly.One question I have, on the wedding you carry a had with the  colours black/red/gold (this colors stand for Germany) Was that a  coincidence? For you and your family Merry Christmas and a happy new  year, And the most important health in 2016 Many greetings from Germany
Lauren & Alex (2015)
During our wedding all of my guests told us that they had never witnessed such a heartfelt and moving ceremony! Nitza made the ceremony special and unique to Alex and I by telling our guests our story and why we loved one another. Everyone was made a part of the ceremony by learning about our love story.
Nitza  spoke from the heart and her eloquence and genuineness made us all cry.  She is truly one in a million. She will put her heart and soul into  your ceremony and make the most important moment of your life, saying I  do, truly special. We recommend her a billion times over.  Lots of Love, Lauren and Alex.
Natlee & Arthur (2016 Killara)
Thank you for the amazing ceremony Nitza, you made our day absolutely special!
Stephanie and Jesse (2016 Kirribilli)
We can  never thank you enough for not just officiating our wedding but for  making sure it is truly memorable. The set up was terrific and the poem  you read to us was just perfect. Lovely words all throughout the  ceremony as well.
Leah & Peter (2016)
Thanks  so much Nitza from both Peter and myself. It was a beautiful private  ceremony. Your special touch and words made it perfect and I couldn't  help but shed a few tears. Our fairytale ending came true and we both  thank you for your contribution to making that happen.
Thu & Huy (2016)
We  would like to thank you for being our Marriage Celebrant. We are very  grateful for all your invaluable guidance, caring approach and  professional attitude.Thanks you for being sensitive to concern our  wishes and requests. Your beautiful smile, warm heart and friendly  personality made us both fell at ease when we first met you.You have  proven you are doing your job with passion, love and care. We  absolutely, could not have asked for anyone as wonderful as you.It  actually meant a lot to us having you make our day truly unforgettable.  We wish you all the very best for the future. Please keep in touch and  we look forward to invite you to our traditional wedding ceremony in  Vietnam. Thu & Huy 4.3.2016
Kara and Marley 2016
Hello Nitza, We would like to say a huge thank you for being our beautiful celebrant and making our wedding even more special with your help.   We appreciate your time and lovely garden and your gorgeous poem and being part of our new journey. The day was perfect and felt just beautiful and I'm speechless how I feeling I can't wipe the smile off my face because the day was so lovely. It's not what we have in life but WHO we have in our life that matters.We couldn't have done it without you Nitza Thank you so much for the beautiful photos they are gorgeous xx Also I'm so happy that you came and enjoyed the night out with Marleey and I and family.Always and forever in our memories and heart...You are a beautiful lady. Thank you Kara xxxx
Jack Chow & Daryl Yap (2016)
Thank you so much. We couldn't have done it without you and there is no way we can thank you enough.
Hadas Benjamin & Matthew Luciano (2016)
Thank you so much for officiating our wedding and marrying us! We loved the ceremony and had so much lovely feedback from our guests on how much they enjoyed it. It was so lovely and special to have you.
Alicia & Stewart (2016)
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful ceremony. Many people were coming up to us after saying how well it went, how well you explained everything and how light hearted you kept it, making people laugh.  
Thank you again for all your help and support, especially on the day :) You were wonderful.
Emma & David (2016)
Thank you so so SO very much for making our wedding day so memorable. You gave us the perfect intimate, relaxing ceremony and we cannot thank you enough
Joyce & Joel from USA (2016)
Joel and I want to say thank you s much for everything you have done and hekped us with this past year.We could not have done this without your help. You have been there since the very beginning of this adventure of ours and there  are not enough words to express our gratitude. Thank you again.
Maha & Terry (Woolwich 2016)
Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony.
We have had so many compliments! Everyone loved the personal feel and they found the stories to be very fun and sweet. You are a fantastic celebrant and I am so happy we found you. I will never forget how lovely our ceremony was thanks to you. You made this whole process so nice and easy for Terry and I. We are very grateful!
Tatiana & Fabio Killara 2016
Firstly, thank you again so much for the wonderful ceremony and hospitality you offered to us and our guests yesterday! You truly made it all so special for us and we are both very grateful!
I wanted to ask you for a copy of the beautiful Apache blessing you read for us yesterday; if you don't mind? I'd like to get it printed and displayed in our home. You didn't even know this but my dad's grandmother was actually indigenous to Brazil; so an indigenous blessing was so fitting! Thank you also for registering the marriage for us; we went there this morning and picked up our certificate already!Warmest Wishes, Tatiana & Fabio
Justin Kern and Natalie Erohina Avoca Beach 2017
On behalf of my wife and I, would like to thank you for everything. You were amazing and without you our day wouldn't have been so special!
Steve and Dominique Gay Marriage, Kirribilli 2017
Hello dear Madame, I come back to you to say a big thank you . The ceremony was very very good , you are a good professional , everything was so easy with you . Our guests loved every minute. Everyone is still talking about the ceremony. The choice of the place in front of opera house was great. Steve and I have been to the blue mountain for honey moon. If you come to Lyon in France it will be a pleasure for me to show you around. Thank you again. Have a great day. Dominique and Steve
Fiona and Connor Kirribilli 2015
Hello Nitza!!Thank you for a fantastic wedding ceremony on Friday. Connor and I truly loved your service...Thank you so much for making this day a memorable one.
Sokha and Wing Ming Kirribilli 2017
"Very nice lady and everything went smoothly with Nitza. We also follow her suggestion on our wedding location. Highly recommended."
Nareenpal and Benjamin Kirribilli 2017
She was warm and very friendly. She read our vows beautifully. A fantastic wedding with Nitza
Jessica and Lindon, Shangri-La Hotel Sydney 2017
Thank you for making our wedding so very special.
Your heart felt ceremony made us so happy and all of our guests and family members felt the love too. You are a beautiful person and we felt very blessed that you made us husband and wife. Thank you with love Lindon and Jessie
Karina & David Bilpin NSW 2017
Thank you so much Nitza!We had the most amazing day! All of our guests loved the service. Thank you very much for making our day memorable and special.
Lindsey & Kelvin Kirribilli 2017
Kelvin and I want to thank you for such a beautiful ceremony today. We loved every minute of it and thought it was just perfect. Thanks again for helping to make it so special for us.
Natasha & Dominic Centennial Park 2017
We want to say a huge thank you for our beautiful ceremony together yesterday we both loved it it was amazing and exceeded all expectations. You did such a good job of making everyone feel included. Many thanks again, Mr and Mrs Avenoso
Marilie & Alain, Kirrbilli  2018
Highly recommended!!! Nitza made our wedding to become extraordinary. She’s very supportive and helpful. Thank you so much Nitza you are a wonderful person
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