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Wedding Rituals/Ceremonies, Sydney Marriage Celebrant

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The importance of the marriage ceremony
Ever since we remember ourselves, either as a primitive society or ancient civilization, a special ceremony, enriched with rituals has taken place to mark the union between two people and the creation of a new family unit.
Over thousands of years, unique customs and rituals were developed for this very special occasion.
In multicultural Australia today, people are very proud to celebrate this incredibly important day with the rituals and traditions that were developed over many centuries by their ancestors.
Civil Ceremony can be "the Real Thing"
When I was appointed as a celebrant, in 1995, some people said to me that a civil ceremony is not the "real" thing, as they viewed it as just  as a stamp of approval, a legal necessity, where you say a few nice words, required by the law, and sign papers, as no traditional rituals were included.
I have recognized the importance of the ceremony to the couple and their families and took upon myself the challenge of creating the “real thing” within the civil ceremony, incorporating ancient customs, values, symbols and traditions, a civil ceremony that reflects the  Bride and the Groom's ethnic backgrounds, religions and traditions.
It has been a challenging task indeed, as I had to study, observe and familiarize myself with many traditional ceremonies,
Christian Catholic & Anglican, the different churches: Filipino, Greek Orthodox, Serbian, Macedonian, Armenian, Russian, Italian, as well as Jewish rituals and traditions Hindu, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Buddhist etc.
My Ceremonies are civil ceremonies that are proper alternative to a Church, a Buddhist Temple or a Synagogue Jewish Wedding
With Substance, style, decorum & the appropriate rituals
The different type of ceremonies & Wedding Rituals
The ceremony is very flexible, it reflects the personality, culture and the wishes of the bride and groom.
Over the years I've officiated a huge variety of wedding ceremonies from very traditional to unique, original and alternative weddings.
I listen to my couples and assist them to create the ceremony that they want, with rituals & traditions that they wish to include.
Such as:
  • The Wedding Sand Ceremony
  • The Candle lighting ceremony (The marriage Unity Candle),
  • The Rose ceremony
  • The Wine ceremony
  • The Hand fasting ritual or the “Joining of hands”
  • The Romantic & personal Ring ceremony
  • Short & sweet secular ceremony
  • Traditional vows or your personal & unique vows
  • Release of White Doves or the White Doves ceremony.
  • For centuries, the white dove has symbolized love, peace and hope...
    A beautiful white Dove release is an exceptionally powerful way to say I love you, leaving a beautiful memory in the hearts of all that have the  chance to see them released."
  • The Wedding Crowns Ceremony, Greek or Macedonian traditions.
    The bride and groom are crowned with flowered crowns, or "Stefana", which are joined by a white ribbon. The ribbon signifies the couple's unity
  • Release of butterflies
I can include all the elements that you wish to include, to be integrated into a meaningful, beautiful ceremony.
Fun Weddings, Beach & Bush with style & decorum
Have your wedding ceremony your way! With Nitza's assistance and experience.
You can have a fun wedding ceremony, anywhere you like, anytime, with style & decorum that will reflect your personality!

Other Locations for your wedding ceremony
I have officiated weddings anywhere you can imagine:
On  boats, in pubs, parks, vineyards, beaches, remote bush, the Snowy  Mountains, in a swimming pool, on top of cliffs overlooking the sea and in the smartest 5  Stars hotels and of course hundreds of weddings in my beautiful tropical & private garden with Pool and statues, with a magical background for your wedding photos.
Literally, all around Australia and also far away, in Bali, in Mumbai, India.(See my Indian wedding story on my “Media mention” link)
In  every capital city, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and exotic locations such as The Blue Mountains, The Hunter  Valley, The Central Coast, Wollongong, Nowra, Albury, Bowral, Byron Bay, Noosa, Margaret River in WA, The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria Far North QLD, Kuranda (Cairns) and more.
You must realize that It can be more difficult, to conduct a meaningful ceremony with style decorum and substance, out of the comfort zone of the church or synagogue.
When you plan an outdoor wedding you can’t always guarantee a good weather…
My challenge is to ensure that the ceremony will be perfect, regardless of the constraints of some venues, or weather…
I will be delighted to recommend beautiful outdoor venues in Sydney, that even rain will not spoil…
Please, Contact me today to ensure results and a desirable outcome!
I promise you a reliable & a stress free wedding...
The Wedding Sand Ceremony
The Wedding Sand Ceremony, or unity sand ceremony, is becoming ever more popular. It can replace the unity candle or be used after it.
In the original sand ceremonies, the bride and groom would toss handfuls of sand together into the wind.
The grains were combined and unable to be separated, symbolizing unity and  eternity.
The sand ceremonies can be performed in a way that honors and acknowledges both families and then kept always as a treasured keepsake.
The  main sand vase that is used for our ceremony is placed in the centre,  on a small table with smaller vases, each containing a different color of sand, around it.
You can use Rose petals for more decoration and even engrave a wedding monogram and the date on the vases.
You can have a base of neutral color or white sand in the main vase, ready for the ceremony.
The explanation is very interesting as the sand represents the universe or even the creator, as the foundation of the marriage.
The parents can also be included in the same way as you would include them in the candle ceremony.
The parents will pour a small amount of colored sand from their small vases into the main one.
By moving their hands around they will create a layered design.
In  the same way, the bride and groom will pour sand from their individual  small vases into the main vase, at the same time, in a way that their  sand will mix together, symbolizing unity and eternity, since these  grains can never be separated.

Photos: The Candle lighting Ceremony
The Marriage Unity Candle
Photos: Release of butterflies at weddings
Cutting wood at a German Wedding
Counseling Services &  Relationship Support Programs before your wedding

It is not compulsory to have counseling sessions before your wedding.
If you are interested, “Relationships Australia” (Tel. 02-8362 2888), provides relationship support services and programs to assist couples to reflect and prepare for the commitment to each other.
“Prepare/Enrich”., facilitated by Relationship Australia, is designed to offer couples the best start to married life by:
  • Identifying strengths as a couple and building new ones
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Uncovering stressful areas and resolving conflict
  • Exploring families of origin
  • Comfortably discussing financial matters
  • Establishing personal, couple and family goals
  • Understanding and appreciating personality differences
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