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Nitza Lowenstein
Nitza Lowenstein Marriage Celebrant
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Sydney Same-Sex Marriage Celebrant, LGBTIQ

Same-Sex Weddings, LGBTIQ Gay Marriages are Legal in Australia!
Nitza Lowentein, Sydney Celebrant for LGBTIQ
Same Sex weddings
Ensure Success, "Stress free" weddings, with experienced & friendly Sydney Marriage Celebrant, Nitza Lowenstein

Same-Sex Marriages are legal in Australia & it is a public and legal affirmation of your love & commitment to each other
Same-sex couples, gay couples can have a “legal” wedding and are able now to  celebrate their love with their families & friends with a beautiful, unique and personal legal wedding ceremony.
You are entitled and should have a Personal & meaningful wedding ceremony, to celebrate your love and union, your way and to reflect who you are & your values.
From Garth & Ronen
"Once again, from Garth and Myself. Thank you Nitza so much, for doing our  ceremony it is something that we will remember and cherish for life"...
From Steve & Dominique
"Hello dear Madame, I come back to you to say a big thank you .
The ceremony was very very good.
You are a good professional.
Everything was so easy with you. Our guests loved every minute.
Everyone is still talking about the ceremony. The choice of the place in front of opera house was great.
Steve and I have been to the blue mountain for honey moon.
If you come to Lyon in France it will be a pleasure for me to show you around. Thank you again. Have a great day. Dominique and Steve"

Same-Sex Marriages, Gay Marriages,
Are the same as other wedding ceremonies
They are the same as any other wedding ceremonies.
Your ceremony will include the promises, vows, readings, ring exchange and  all the rituals and symbols of a wedding ceremony, with decorum and substance, just as in any other marriage ceremony, religious or civil.
Now, Same-Sex Marriages in Australia, do have the legal component so you are required to lodge Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before the wedding.
Is it binding in any way?
Yes, Same-Sex marriages, are legally binding, under Australian Federal Law, since 9th December 2017.
Your  legal marriage is a public proclamations of the feelings shared by two people who love each other, who are committed to one another for life.
Same-Sex Marriage, of Kyrra & Hope, Malabar Beach Sydney,
Sara & Lee-Ann at the Grounds, Alexandria
with Nitza Lowenstein
Same-Sex wedding,  Katie & Mandy,
Gay Wedding, Sara & Lee-Anne.
the Same Sex Marriage of gorgeous
Incredible wedding!
You could feel the love in the air, when Talie & Alison exchanged marriage vows, under the Chuppah! at Dunbar House in Watsons Bay.
Talie also broke the glass, in accordance with Jewish weddng traditions...
Everyone was delighted to shout: Mazaltov!
A Beautiful reception with a special surprise...
a gorgeous “Drag Queen” that you can see in the picture.
Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage for Premla & Rachael
Same Sex Marriage, Gay Marriage for gorgeous Rachael and her loving partner Premla.
The most beautiful and personal wedding ceremony, for Rachael & Premla in my beutiful, tropical and private garden
Why me as your marriage celebrant?
Am I the right person to officiate your Same-Sex
Legal Wedding Ceremony?
I think that you should not be denied this extraordinary experience of having a wedding ceremony and celebration just as any other couple.
I believe that the Same Sex legal marriage ceremony enables you to celebrate and publicly proclaim your love in the presence of your family and friends.
I have demonstrated compassion, sensitivities and experience in the many successful & unique Same Sex wedding ceremonies that I have created and officiated since 1995.
What do I offer you?
I ensure the success of your wedding ceremony.
My full responsibility is to advise & guide you on every single aspect of the ceremony, based on my wealth of experience, substantial  knowledge and compassion.
Planning and writing the unique ceremony for you, in consultation with you, to your full satisfaction.
  • All legal requirements and “paper-work”, including the lodgement and the registration of the marriage
  • Before the “Big Day”, as many meetings as you require and always accessible by email or phone
  • Guidance with music to assist in creating an incredible atmosphere
  • Guidance with the processional (entering) and standing arrangement of the couple and the “Bridal Party”,  during the ceremony
  • Make sure that everyone can hear us and see us
  • Make sure that we have a signing table, pens etc.
  • Make sure that you are relaxed, calm and composed on your wedding.
  • The usage of a beautiful “marriage canopy” free of charge if requested.
  • Reasonable fees
  • Your choice of location, anywhere in Australia.
    The option of a ceremony in my magnificent statue garden, by the pool. (for a small wedding)
  • Always dressed and groomed appropriately for the occasion and happy to fit in with your theme and style.
Marriage Vows Renewal
to celebrate your life journey together
Many couples wish to re-affirm their love and fidelity to each other and their successful union in a unique ceremony.
When should you have a renewal or re-affirmation ceremony?
  • At any stage of marriage when you feel that you should have “that  special party” to celebrate your successful union, with your close  family and friends
  • It is also associated with a special anniversary, such as a 10th, 25th (Silver) 30th (pearl) 40th (Ruby or Garnet) 50th (Gold) 55th (Emerald or Turquoise) 60th (Diamond) etc.
  • It important and  relevant to those who have been through a crisis such as a serious illness, separation, renovations, or any other difficult and trying time which has put a lot of strain on their relationship.
  • The Ceremony is to mark the fact that they have managed to overcome all the hardship, suffering and difficulties, and are here to celebrate love and life together with a renewed commitment to their marriage.
  • Some of my couples also celebrated with a joyful Renewal of Marriage Ceremony, with the original Best man & the Bridesmaid, to celebrate the fact that a partner has “come back to life” and managed to overcome a serious illness.
What do I do for your Re-affirmation/renewal of vows ceremony?
  • I will create a special ceremony that will reflect your life journey and special relationships.
  • I will include family and friends that attended your marriage so many years ago...
  • I will include family and friends that are significant in your life today, your children and grandchildren.
  • I will meet you and consult with you in order to write your special ceremony.
  • I will advise and assist you with every aspect of the ceremony
  • I will conduct the ceremony at the venue of your choice
  • The usage of a beautiful “marriage canopy” free of charge, if requested

Please, Contact me today to ensure results and a desirable outcome! 0418453865   or

I promise you a reliable & efficient service
All nationalities are welcome....
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